Experience Day

  • Experience days start, like all lessons with Dan, by setting out some clear and defined goals at the start of the lesson.
  • Once goals have been established Dan gets the player to hit some balls and analyses this with all the data he has to hand. Many players like to use the 3D system on this sort of day to get a comprehensive review of their movement patterns.
  • Dan analyses the data and creates a video outlining the cause and effect to the ball flight data. Dan then begins to work on the changes and outlining the drills specific to your game. Dan will also relate your new swing work to your pitching game and help you out in this all important area.
  • Dan will take a look at your short game and potentially take you out for a playing lesson if he deems it necessary.
  • The final part of the day will see Dan create your bespoke practice plans along with video notes explaining the drills and swing thoughts. All of these will be shared through the CoachNow training platform.