Like most golfers my journey has taken me through several golf instructors. I am 62 years young and over the past 12 years I’ve worked with some of the top US golf instructors in an effort to learn how to maintain spine angle on the downswing. I met Dan online 2 years ago. We first worked via internet lessons and then several times during his visits to the US. During that timeframe he has taught me a golf swing that maintains spine angle on the downswing with the club head exiting low and left. The net effect is I gained club head speed and accuracy. He improved my short game and putting as well. He understands and is able to teach all facets of the golf game. Through his instruction I have been able to go from a 4.6 handicap to 0.0. I have never worked with anyone who understood the mechanics of the swing or could teach them as well. My only regret is I did not meet him 25 years ago.

- Bill Johnson

For the last 15 years I have been around golf at the highest levels. I have spent time with both world class players and top instructors, in that time I have met 3 instructors that I would trust with my own game. Dan Whittaker is among that group. Dan is truly a world class instructor. He has an amazing understanding of biomechanics, cause and effect, attention to detail, and ability to communicate. Dan has a special gift to identify the root cause of poor play, communicate it to the student, and prescribe a pathway to improvement. I have seen rapid improvement from players of all levels after just one session with Dan. It is truly a pleasure to watch Dan teach and be able to call him a colleague.

- Michael Martin, PGA Professional, Fort Worth, TX

I've been travelling from Oxford to Altrincham to see Dan for more than 6 years now after numerous local coaches failed to help me find consistency or significant improvements. After my first visit I was convinced that Dan understands the golf swing like very few others do, and has a way of communicating with various aids what is required to move in the right direction.

The improvements I see after every visit are tangible and verified by ball striking, video, scores and most recently, Trackman numbers too. If I fail to understand or feel what is required, Dan will fashion a training aid which demonstrates the feeling, whatever it takes to make sure I get it.

Dan covers every element of the golf game, setting goals, exercises, training plans and covers techniques from putting, chipping, shaping shots, speciality shots and the full swing. I enjoy every minute spent getting an education in this great game from a great coach.

- Paul Holligan

I have been working with Dan on my game for about 7 years.

I used to drive 4 hours to see Dan and since I have now moved away from the UK I now fly 3 hours to see him. I can without a shadow of doubt say that despite the travel required it is well worth it to see Dan.

Dan's enthusiasm coupled with him knowledge of the golf swing makes him an outstanding professional and teacher, however it is his communication skills which sets him even further apart from other professionals.

With one sentence or analogy Dan has time and time again been able to help me understand what I need to do to make a required change. His eye for details is fantastic and it those details that make such a difference in the golf swing.

Dan's passion for the game and for teaching means that he continue to learn and develop as a teacher and every time I see him he has added to his knowledge and developed new ways he can help me improve.

I can not praise Dan highly enough and for anyone serious about improving their game I would urge them to make the trip to see Dan.