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The scoring zone is where art meets technique. Dan uses his specialist knowledge in this area as he maximises your potential in this area.

The skill in the scoring zone is to consistently control the landing distance and spin. I do not just want my players to be able to chip for example, I want them to be able to hit the same landing spot with the same club and spin the ball different ways. As you climb up the ladder, the courses get tougher, the pins more tucked, the greens faster and the lies tighter.

Controlling dynamic loft is vital to spin and distance control. This will be matched to your shot requirements whilst improving your weak areas. The tour level low flying high spinning pitch shot is just one shot utilised by the Tour player that Dan can add to your game.

For example are you aware that striking the ball low on the face with a shallow angle of attack lowers the launch yet increases the spin?

Dan uses the TrackMan test centre to measure your distance control capabilities, this highlights the distances you struggle with. Check out this video below with Nick Faldo explaining how the test centre on TrackMan works, it really is quite intriguing.

We will see whether you launch the ball on the same trajectory, height and spin. Then measure land angle and maximum height. These parameters highlight your consistency levels and show the areas to work on.

In the bunker can you control the length and depth of your divot; can you play a variety of trajectories and spins? These are just 2 of the keys to successful bunker play.

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