Paul Holligan's Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf | Dan Whittaker Golf

27 Feb 2014

Paul Holligan's Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf

I've been travelling from Oxford to Altrincham to see Dan for 6 years now after numerous local coaches failed to help me find consistency or significant improvements. After my first visit I was convinced that Dan understands the golf swing like very few others do, and has a way of communicating with various aids what is required to move in the right direction.

The improvements I see after every visit are tangible and verified by ball striking, video, scores and most recently, Trackman numbers too. If I fail to understand or feel what is required, Dan will fashion a training aid which demonstrates the feeling, whatever it takes to make sure I get it.

Dan covers every element of the golf game, setting goals, exercises, training plans and covers techniques from putting, chipping, shaping shots, speciality shots and the full swing. I enjoy every minute spent getting an education in this great game from a great coach.

Paul Holligan.