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All lessons start with Dan evaluating your swing from a variety of angles. Dan likes to get a 360 degree view of your swing so that he can see all the strengths and weaknesses to your game. He will then go through your swing in fine detail highlighting the strengths and the weaknesses, his philosophy is simple, find out the cause and effects in the golf swing and then work at the major cause at the heart beat of the action that is detrimental and effecting the rest of the game/swing.

Dan will then prescribe short, medium and long term goals for the student, this gives the student a route map to follow with several stops along the way to their final goal. He will not move on to the next problem in the students swing unless the previous area of work has been completed and the student owns that particular section/part of the swing.

As in physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction,

Dan uses this and shows how one bad move can lead to another bad move. He will then devise plans for you which will include drills specific to your own game and training aids that he has either specially designed or endorses, these will aid what you are trying to achieve in terms of your own game and make certain elements of the swing easier to achieve.

Dan's key to the whole game is to take all elements of manipulation, dependency on timing and chance out the equation allowing the whole game to function via the use of the body, biomechanics and physics.

Dan coaches with performance related goals. Where your goals and targets are his key objectives whilst keeping the lessons fun and enjoyable. He can fix any swing issues with a factual, evidence based approach. He will show you a before and after of your swing in motion often with very quick results.

Dan's customer service, attention to detail and after care is second to none.

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