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21 Feb 2014

Eddie Frost's Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf

Eddie Frost Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf

Dan's fundamentals of teaching & understanding the golf swing in it's utter simplicity is something of a rarity in today's modern game. When talking about lessons with various people and varying coaches you hear a lot of jargon being taught or "buzz words" being "sold" as the fundamentals to the game and swing.

Dan not only combines simple yet extremely effective fundamentals but translates them into easily understandable "feelings" of where the club needs to go on an individual and personal level to suit every level of golfer. I've been seeing Dan for a few years now and my knowledge and application of the swing has reached new heights. It is no surprise he has been voted within the Top 50 coaches Worldwide on 3 Jack's Golf Blog and the results I have seen personally and noticed of other quality students speak for themselves. His rank can only improve with time and is a serious contender in my opinion to break the top10.

The Trackman he boasts is a superb addition to what is becoming a increasing developed Academy To any golfer, and to see Dan undertaking further studies to understand how to best use and convey the information given from the Trackman is a true credit to his passion, work ethic and drive to improve every day.

I seriously recommend Dan to anyone, whether this be from starting the game, to top level professionals who are seeking that extra 1% to go and see Dan as the results speak for themselves!

Eddie after learning bio-mechanics with Dan and losing over 100lbs became club champion!

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