Brian Hansen's Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf | Dan Whittaker Golf

27 Feb 2014

Brian Hansen's Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf

I have been working with Dan on my game for about 7 years.

I used to drive 4 hours to see Dan and since I have now moved away from the UK I now fly 3 hours to see him. I can without a shadow of doubt say that despite the travel required it is well worth it to see Dan.

Dan's enthusiasm coupled with him knowledge of the golf swing makes him an outstanding professional and teacher, however it is his communication skills which sets him even further apart from other professionals.

With one sentence or analogy Dan has time and time again been able to help me understand what I need to do to make a required change. His eye for details is fantastic and it those details that make such a difference in the golf swing.

Dan's passion for the game and for teaching means that he continue to learn and develop as a teacher and every time I see him he has added to his knowledge and developed new ways he can help me improve.

I can not praise Dan highly enough and for anyone serious about improving their game I would urge them to make the trip to see Dan.

Brian Hansen